Game advice/ideas from developers

I’m really stumped trying to come up with a game idea. I’ve done some hours on roblox itself checking out games, and on the forum as well. I feel as though right now is a very tough time for developers. A lot of game ideas are repetitive, and so many are taken already.

Does anyone have any advice and/or ideas for a game I could make? I’m truly open to anything, obby, horror, simulator, clicker, etc.

Here are some ways to come up with ideas:

  • Take a nice warm shower at 101 degrees
  • Shmush to opposite genres together
  • Find a dumb game you don’t like and make it better
  • Listen to some music
  • Ask me (which you already did)

If the first four don’t work then I will start brainstorming for you.


I don’t think you need to add the degrees part there, no one is the same
besides who checks the temperature of the water when they shower :joy:

I have a cool shower that just tells me the temperature and I can change it to whatever I want. If I had a normal shower I wouldn’t bother checking the temperature.

It’s called U by Moen, check it out, it’s pretty awesome

Edit: here you go:

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Create a simulator or roleplay those are to popular genres or maybe tycoon?

If you were going to make a tycoon here’s a tycoon kit

Sometimes, you just have to let an idea come to you. If you continue your day while brainstorming once in a while, you’re bound to have a eureka moment.

I would recommend an original idea as they stand out more. A tip I find helps me think of a game/experience idea is to make sure you enjoy your game/experience most of all, it’s ok to want your game to become popular and earn lots of Robux but it’s not very healthy for it to be the only reason to create games, if you enjoy your game then it’s worth the time and effort.