Game became EXTREMELY laggy out of nowhere

I haven’t updated my game since december 7th, and I updated it today but while testing I noticed it was extremely laggy. After I updated it, I fixed some loops in localscripts that were using RenderStepped and made them be wait() or wait(0.1) depending on how often they need to activate. I then played it at around 2:50 today and noticed it was still laggy. I have determined that it is client-side, because performancestats says my ping is fine but the memory is very high. Does anyone know ways to fix this?


Did you put any toolbox models/scripts?

No, I made sure this game was entirely made by me.

I only lag a little bit every time the timer counts down a second.

EDIT: We narrowed it down to a specific map.

the cause of the lag may be a loop in the renderstepped function or the function in itself does a lot of things. Also it would help if you posted the suspect scripts

I used some laggy building methods, so I just had to replace some stuff (trees with a mesh for leaves instead of unions) and it worked just fine.


It still has some slight lag to it may be scripts but to check how the game is running go to view>Script performance and run the game to see how scripts are doing.
or go to view>performance and view>script analysis

I would also use CTL + F1 to see how many instances you are running. I had a problem in one of my games where Instances were accumulating and causing lag.