About Us

Hello, we are a small, development group, coming with a upcoming murder mystery type game!
The game is based on innocent and killer but with a twist.

About The Game

The game itself will have challenging tasks, fun minigames, and general murdering game. New weapons will be introduced that other games don’t have, and it will be a unique experience. We expect low poly builds, and high grade work.


Builder - 0/2 - 10% each
Programming - 0/1 - 25-30%
Modeler - 0/1 - 10%
Terrain Designer - 10%
Advertisements - 30%
Me (builder) - 10%


Builder - 10% each
Programmer - 25% to 30%
Modeler - 10%
Terrain - 10%
Advertisements - 30% or might change
Me, builder - 10%

If the game fails, I will be providing back up payment even if the pay is not a whole lot.

I wish to work with you soon!

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