Game Essentials


This is the bulletin for the Game Essentials package for Pro Rugball created by me (ShaggGB). The main bulletin for Pro Rugball and its assets can be found here.


I won’t be listing every function I have in here since these modules won’t be publicized, but the replies to this post (by me) are going to be what updates I do (in simple terms). For more information on what the contents of this package are, visit the main bulletin for Pro Rugball linked above.

MAJOR gui reform!

Changed appearance, style, mechanics AS WELL AS added a nice new feature, namely a miniature color-coded display that signifies if a player is leading (has the most) in either: Goals (Green), Assists (Yellow), or Steals (Red).

Also made heavy changes to Utilities Module to account for these new gui changes, on top of much more around the package.


  • Updated Goals to detect illegal shots properly
  • Added global statistics to keep in-line with the previous system
  • Added pumpkin football, dark overlay gui, and new sounds for the update!
  • Added option to remove team advanced statistics
  • Fixed spectate tool

[10/25/21 v2]

  • Removed Pumpkin football in favor of the regular football with a Halloween decal.
  • Updated Global Leaderboard display:
    – all top 25 leaders show
    – the ordering is now correct
  • Re-added server stat display (for every player in the server)
  • Fixed bug where leaving with football would break the game