Game Feedback: Can't keep players

For the past few months my game has struggled to retain players with these retention stats:

Recorded in January 2022
Average Day 1 Retention 9.58%
Average Day 7 Retention 1.45%
Average Week 1 Retention 4.90%

We also have an average playtime of around 12 minutes on console, 10 minutes on PC, and 8 minutes on tablet/mobile.

My game is a Zombie Survival game where players can survive rounds of zombies until they all die. I have unique selling points through the other mode called infection (can be voted on at the start of a game) and a protective objective in the hardcore mode. Obviously Roblox has hundreds of zombie games on the market, my vision was to make one that stood out from the rest and would be the easiest to play.

I’m wondering if I could get a fresh look at the game from people who haven’t played it before to locate any issues there may be with first time experiences. Anything that is confusing, doesn’t work, etc.

I have attempted stuff such as daily rewards, daily challenges, auto spawning into rounds, etc. I’ve also advertised using sponsors and ads through the past 7 months that amount to over 500,000 robux.

Any feedback at all would be massively appreciated.
Here is a link to the game: [BUFF!] Zombie Survival - Roblox



To be a bit blunt, the name “Zombie Survival” itself is far too generic. I would start by drafting new names, and ones that stand out from the current market.

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Honestly when I decided to do it that was kind of the goal but to help with the search algorithm. Perhaps it’s done the opposite effect.

I would say it’s done the opposite effect. Perhaps it’s easily searchable, but I doubt most players would notice a game this upfront about what it is.

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I could see a bit why the numbers may be dropping, but this is definitely a great idea! I have both pros and cons to the game itself, so let’s start with the pros.


  1. I really like the idea of reviving players, it gives someone a chance to come back and try again.
  2. A vast amount of items in the shop allows players to try and work hard to save up money to buy super cool and overpowered items
  3. There’s teamwork, so if someone is overwhelmed with zombies, they can kill them with teammates
  4. Amazing thumbnail and UI, I always appreciate a game that has nice and clean art
  5. The music gives players a sense of action and a need to survive
  6. The lobby is really well built, extremely detailed and fun to explore
  7. I like how you can turn into a zombie when you die
  8. It’s just an overall simple game, making it easy to grasp


  1. The title is generic and not eye catching
  2. The playing map itself is rather lacking in the detail I saw in the lobby
  3. Although it may not be your intention to money grab, there is a lot of push for buying game passes
  4. Circling back to reviving players, while it does give them a second chance, it takes away the idea of risk because of the ease to respawn once the round is over
  5. It can get tiring eventually by doing nothing but shooting different zombies over the courses of different rounds
  6. There are a lot of rounds, and it can feel endless as I felt after playing for a while

This is an amazing game so far! There are definitely things to improve upon, but I really like the game. Make sure to keep working on it. I hope this helped!


Thank you!

I’m going to see about brainstorming some new ideas for a title. I believe you were playing the map forest which was one of the legacy maps, I’m in the process of removing this but just don’t want players that like it to get mad. The other maps are much much more detailed.

I appreciate the feedback alot.

Update: I removed the forest map, let me know what you think of the others.

Alrighty, glad I could help!

I did play on one of the maps, Golden Gate Bridge. It was super detailed like the lobby, loved that one.