Game Feedback On One Of 2 Starter Games

Hey guys, I’m currently working on a game called Cannon Blasters, and it’s one of 2 first games I’ve ever made in Roblox. I just wanted to get your opinion on it and see how I could improve it and get more players!

The first one is Cannon Blasters: Cannon Blaster - Roblox

The 2nd is Called Rick Run: RickRun - Roblox

review for cannon blaster:

for your first game its actually pretty good, though the bridge’s collision is ridiculous and i fall through it constantly

and the cannon sounds like its from an 8-bit game from the 90s

review for rickrun:

this is actually a really good concept! no criticism honestly, the ui is great, the puzzle is great, all in all a very well made game

i would love to see what comes from you next, i like what im seeing so far and keep doing what you’re doing

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Thanks So Much I’ll Keep Going

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