Game Icon & Thumbnail GFX

I made 2 GFX for my game and i wanted to know if they were good or not, these are not my first GFX.

Game Icon:

Game Thumbnail:

The red light is too bright, and it is ruining the whole GFX. Turn down the red light’s brightness.

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I think it’s too red. But overall, GFX looks great!

The gfx is great but as others said it is too red.

Ok sorry for not answering i forgot to go back on devforum but thanks for the feedback i just wanted to know if it was good or not

Hi! I’m a fan of the concept, but there is a bit to work on. The glow on the characters is highly unrealistic, and it makes them overexposed and hard to look at. Instead, there should be light coming from above, giving the characters a more subtle glow and some shadows to make the scene more pleasing. Hope this helps.