Game idea for a game to help me learn to code different things

Hello! So I have been doing different parts of Roblox development for a while now, and one of the only things that I haven’t quite learned is programming.
I want to start a project for a game that is only for me to learn to program. I have an idea for the game, but I would like to know if I should go ahead with it

The basic premise is during the day, you are a normal teenager, you go to school, you study for exams, go to parties, and other things like that. Half of the game would be doing things you would do in everyday life, like interacting with your classmates and trying to get your rep up, doing classes and tests, and participating in clubs, which would give you different benefits for the other part of the game.
At night, you would have to attempt to sneak out of your house, and during the night, you would have to sneak your way through different areas to assassinate someone that you are being paid to kill. During this part of the game, your objective would to sneak around without being caught, and finding ways to eliminate your target without being spotted. Money gained from these missions could be used for different things to help you progress.

In simpler terms, during one half of the game, you have to try and do well in school and gain rep, and during the other half, it would become a stealth-type game, trying to eliminate your target.

Do you think something like this would be enjoyable to others?


I like this idea, it is two-sided and it honestly sounds pretty fun to me. I think it is a great opportunity for you to learn how to program, good luck.

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Haha! I thought you were talking about your own life and my eyes nearly fell into the back of my skull when I heard the bit about assasination! But yea, this seems a good way to program as long as you’re having fun and, ofc, not murdering people irl too much.

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if you finish this or if it gets into a beta then pls give me a link to game because I love stealth games :slight_smile:

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I swear I don’t assassinate people!..unless…

In all seriousness, I’m honestly really excited to start this project, because its something that I honestly would like to play myself and I want to make something enjoyable but also something I can use to learn to do different things

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I already have ideas I can list if you want me to

Go ahead, I’m always open to ideas!

so different classes could give players different stats:

strength: from PE lessons, increases the chance of subduing someone successfully / allows you to subdue stronger NPC’s (policemen for example)
stamina: from PE lessons, basically run longer
literacy / english / languages: allows you to communicate with enemies better if you have a disguise (idk if this could work because i don’t know how old the main character is supposed to be or if there will be NPCs which could have disguises taken in a game-altering way)
maths: ur player can do really complex calculations and determine where to throw an object with how much force so it hits an NPC and pacifies them

some objects could be used in both spaces of the game, like scissors for classwork and improvised weaponry, or shades to look epicer in parties and being identified slower in stealth

a lot of ways to fail the game, like failing exams or being expelled from the school, to being caught and identified or killed in the night phase