Game idea for a new tycoon about creating tycoons: Good Idea?

Here I was thinking of a game to make. Then I thought it would be cool to make a tycoon creator game, where the players for the most part will be designing the tycoon and earning their money by completing different tasks.

There’s more details that I can add to give you a better understanding of some of the other ideas I have for the game, but I’m hoping this gave you a general idea of what I’m going for.

Do you think that’s a good foundation for a game? I’m trying to think outside the box of what many people don’t do. You can be honest and no matter what your feedback is, I have to persevere if I want to make this game come to fruition.


Throughout my time developing, I have found that players absolutely do not like to play games that require much thinking. This game idea is on the line between fun/casual and complicated (depending on what is included to “design” the tycoon).

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There are games out there though that have lots of thinking. I wasn’t planning on making this a very high level thinking game. I think all players have different interests when it comes to games.

This idea has been proven great by Miner's Haven [VALENTINE'S DAY] - Roblox but you would need to add outstanding visuals to make it fun.

No it’s not a good idea, because most kids don’t want to play games that are good and require thinking. They would rather play sussy imposter obby imposter escape among us obby.


I was actually gonna make the same kind of game. A tycoon mixed with a mining game / lumber tycoon 2. I scrapped it because it was so ambitious and it would most likely fail. Caved - Roblox

Well you see I wouldn’t be doing mining, it would be so the players decide what they want to make their tycoon as.

I think it would be cool making a tycoon with different functions (doing tasks) to earn game coins than others that mostly you just need to build until a end. But also don’t forget to make sure that it’s going to be fun for the users when they start to find this project