Game idea for roblox

Hi guys, maybe my English is not perfect becouse i’m from italy but i want a feedback from you. I want to ask what game should i make as a beginner. The first time i opened roblox was in 2020 and i tried to learn something from it. I started to make test game and i realesed a game that is called “Epic Battles”. The game is like CSGO in roblox version but with the USSR vs USA. The game was complete but nobody was playing it and i hadn’t money to sponsor it. So i tried to develop it more and more. But one day i think a script made a conflict with another one so nothing was woring and i didn’t find the bug and i abadoned the game. So i’m asking if you can help me find a idea for a game and i want to help my parents economically so i want to make some money of it. Thank you for listening and i apprecciate an answer.


Hi! Firstly, you should shift this topic to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback, or your topic might get taken down!

Are you trying to find new ideas to your existing game? If sponsors/advertising doesn’t work on Roblox itself, you can also try on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube.


Keep working on your project before and find the bug.


Agreed. It’s much easier to work off of another game than make a new game from scratch!