Game Idea Help needed

Good day/night.

Lately, I wanted to start a new game, but idea, was the problem. I had this one in my mind:

You walk around a map finding something(TBA) when you collect this, you get coins, with coins you can upgrade your walkspeed, jumppower and how much you get per pick up.
Your goal is to fill collections in more worlds.

This was my idea, but I’d need help with upgrading this idea, since it’s fairly simple.

But first, would you play this game?

If no, say what would you change to play it.

  • Yes
  • No

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I still don’t know what player would pick up, and I need to think of more upgrades.

Thanks for reading.


Honestly, I like the idea of a treasure hunt game.

Thing’s players could pick up:
• Coins
• Seashells
• Trash: paper, cans, bags, etc
• Jewelry
• Gems
•Treasure chest
And many more.
Possible upgrades:
• Bag space
• Digging tools
• Walkspeed
• How quickly a user picks up an item
Which you could also have different maps:
• Beach
• Jungle
• Ocean
• Plants
• Mines
And many more.
I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks, but that’s the thing. I don’t want people to have backpack, and digging tool.

It will be just walking around map and finding.
And ‘flying’ to other worlds would cost coins.

Isn’t that like speed city?
Where you like walk, you walk faster overtime.
Collect orbs and your walk speed increases.
Use currency (like steps) to buy chests.
The amount of steps you have, allows you to unlock worlds. (for example, 15,000 steps is required to enter this place.
I think your game idea should be fine.

I think the game idea would be better if you added quests for extra gold that require a random specific colored orb to finish and there’s 50 different orbs that spawn as rare items so that you have to trade with other players to get the orb that you need for the quest. There needs to be a social aspect to the game and people love orbs


This sounds like an interesting idea. My one suggestion would be having a lobby world that the player can use to display the item(s) they have collected.

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No, not any similar to some simulator.

This is just adventure game, which’s goal is to collect all worlds’ collections.

They could display it in every world. But there would be some main world.

I think you got the idea wrong.

It wouldn’t be anything as Dungeon Quest.