Game ideas, I'm lost

I feel really uninspired. I have no ideas for games. Absolutely 0 ideas. I just dont know what to do. I was working on a game called “Dangerous Speeds” but then I ran into a problem. I dont know how to build a map, and I dont have the money to hire anyone. If anyone has any game ideas that would be awesome, I just want something to code


(I do have same problem, so I’m developing on web lol)

I would suggest making sandbox tycoon, now any topic, I know sandbox tycoon requires some geometry, but once you know it, it would be actually quite fun. I’m also myself making a bakery tycoon. Also, with some sandbox games, this platform would get more uniqueness.

Bruh I have too many ideas to get to rn! But one I think you could do is look into the Stanley Parable and make a game like that.


Work on a BOTW type of game, check other topics please, this is a very repetitive topic

It depends whether if you’re stuck financially or mentally, for ideas, you can ask ChatGPT for some suggestions, then make a brain map, or a PowerPoint presentation about it for yourself.

Financially, you can find some certain Robux sellers or investors.


its crazy you how you can ask AI for ideas about video games now

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