Game intro feedback!

Hey guys! so recently I started working on a game and I’m currently focusing on the game intro right now.

I’ve finished it, but in my opinion, it doesn’t really look that good, so I would like some feedback (any feedback would be fine, but right now I’m aiming for building feedback)

I’m going for a low poly, cartoony style by the way!

Example of the game intro:

Game (if you want to see more of the intro)

intro - Roblox

Thanks for reading! any feedback would be appreciated and will be read.


I love the intro, especially since once you press the button, you immediately travel to game tutorial, but the thing is that it looked like you pressed the button multiple times, if I am wrong then sorry :grin: but everything else is fine so magnificent job @Kennycell


Thanks! and just noting that when you hover over the button it makes a click sound :sweat_smile:

My Opinions
So first the Logo Adventurist! Look Great but then looking a Begin it just like the wrong color to use. Try using a different color.
But Overall It beautiful, I love it

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Looks nice, but I am not sure why it is zooming out and in, It may be my device glitching but it sort of confused me, the only thing I would change is that the intro would zoom into that position instead of starting there at the begging, other then that it looks amazing, good work.

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Oh, the FOV beats to the music, sorry if that was confusing!

Oh, I didn’t listen with my volume up, sorry, I would still recommend zooming into the main screen, but that is a cool concept.

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Alright! will keep this is mind! :smile:

The background looks great. I think the “Begin” button looks a bit out of place and you should try to make it fit the background more. You also might want to match the fonts of the title and the “Begin” button.


Thanks for feedback! will keep this in mind! :slightly_smiling_face:

The Intro looks great so far! Maybe you can add a shop icon or something so that players can access the shop easier (if there is one). Otherwise great work overall and I wish you luck on your game!

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I’m not sure what the whole game looks like, but from what you’ve mentioned, I’d make the intro background more cartoony to fit with the theme. The current intro background looks like a survival or horror game intro. But, if thats what your game assets look like, it looks really good. : )

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I would make the nature go along with the beat as well. Since the zooming out and in goes along with the beat, I would make it where the trees in the background also move around. Just my suggestion though!

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Looks quite stunning as a game intro so far! The begin button just a bit off maybe change the color and match the fonts? You should probably make different types of buttons and ask your friends or close one which they prefer. (Or here works too)

Maybe in the future you can have the camera moving around the scene or showing previews of maps or builds. That way it won’t be zooming in and out. Amazing intro though! First impressions are important to catching new players :+1:


On the ‘Traveling to Game tutorial’ part, you might want to have something like a nice forest background instead of just a blank black background, it gives the users something nice to look at when loading, :slight_smile: (I accidently played this on max volume oops)

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Thanks for the idea!! will add this in the game.

No problem! Glad to help, if you ever need suggestions I’ll be glad to give you some, :smiley:

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I feel like the zooming in and out is a little fast, makes it seem kind of intense which contradicts the relaxed music.

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Yeah, I thought the same too, I’ll change the FOV speed right now, thanks for reminding me!

I loved the the intro plus the background music matched with the adventure theme

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