Game is scrapped

No longer need advice.

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After playing the game for a relatively short period of time I would like to give the following honest feedback;

  • The tools (and animations) are smooth, clean and quite professional. The tools themselves fit with the games low poly style which is a positive.

  • Lots of resources are available for new players to help them understand the game (e.g. tutorial, backpack full notifications and NPCs).

  • GUI Scaling is appropriate for the quantity there is, they are placed well and do not consume the screen.

  • I have found the lighting package to be too intense with lighter colors (as well as on neon and reflective materials). I started to feel a slight strain in my eyes after just a few minutes.

  • The fact that some players can kill others regardless of where they are on the map seams a bit obsolete to me, instead I’d recommend making a ‘safe zone’ covering a radius (e.g. 300 studs) around the spawn point. >> (Not sure if this is a bug I’m experiencing or an intentional feature)

  • The progression seems balanced but it’ll take some time to see whether it is on a large scale.

Overall the game was fun to play and I can see how it’d be appealing to a younger player base than myself. Good luck with future developments.


The game looks great! I haven’t found any bugs yet. The game seems well made and well built. The team did a great job of designing it, and I think it will do well I like how every area has a tag above it. But maybe make the distance lower so It’s not in the way, So players can get the other feel of the game instead of seeing those everywhere. 1 The issue I’ve found though is when I was on the sell pad and so was someone else we walked back into the zone and I could kill him inside of the safe zone area. Apart from that, I love the building. And the design of the game itself. Keep it up…

The map looks great and I was very interested in exploring it. I have two downsides that annoyed me the most were the brightness of the map causing my eyes to strain. Everything is a bit too saturated. The other thing was, I wasn’t too interested in clicking for strength so I explored and jumped up to the land boss. During that fight, I kept getting notifications of I’m out of backpack space and asking me to buy an upgrade. This kinda pushed me not to play it after that. I understand alerting people that their backpack is full / wanting them to spend Robux but it’s a tad aggressive.