Game is showing up as #81 in the search results

My game is not showing up in the search results if not 6+ rows later.
The game released 2 weeks ago, it has just reached 4 million visits and has around 2 thousand concurrent players overtime however the game does not appear to be at the top of the search results despite being relatively popular.

I could reproduce this on both Mobile and PC.


I believe it’s something having to do with the website itself. I have had this problem too. You can’t search for a specific game, it only shows games similar to the search.


Due to how the system works, it’s showing you all of the results for games with “sword” in the title and games with “elite” in the title. If you search for “sword elites” with quotes it should look it up as one term and be more accurate.

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Thanks for reporting the issue. We have investigated the problem and will have it addressed hopefully in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience.


We just pushed out a new update and the right game is showing on top now.


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