Game Jam Improvement Suggestions

Now that RDC is over it’s time to reflect, and although RDC as a whole was very well done, there are a few suggestions for improvements. Specifically speaking about the Game Jam. I’ll be giving some feedback of what I think could be improved, and you guys can add on to with your own experiences.

The judging was something I thought could have definitely been better. Obviously Roblox staff was on a time constraint and they were trying to push along the event in order to finish before the hotel kicked us out, however there was also a down time I saw between judging and play tests.

First of all, judging should be done together. It seemed odd that judges were being sent individually as that could have led to bias. It also seemed, not going to name specific people, but some judges were less into it compared to others. I understand this was done so in order to speed things up, however there was a good 30 minutes where judges were just standing there after they made their decisions. I felt that although there were 50 teams there was a 2 hour window that could have given each team at least 2 minutes in order to present if judges went around together. During the Game Jam presentations they went through quite quickly and honestly had a lot of time left over.

Another suggestion is to have judges actively giving their own feedback during the presentations. It seemed kind of quiet with the judges not going to lie. Others can elaborate if they wish, this is just something I saw going around the discord.

Overall the Game Jam was enjoyable and I made some great memories this weekend! I just thought some changes could have made it even better. If you guys have any more suggestions please feel free to put them below. :grinning: I hope I don’t come off sounding like I’m complaing, I really did enjoy the event!


Here’s my overall suggestions for RDC next year wrapped up in one post:

Another thing that could be improved is the WiFi