Game lags when players die


I have been getting a lot of complaints in my game about there being a lot of lag when a player dies, and there is a longer respawn time for some reason. I don’t know why this is occurring or how to fix it. Has anyone had a similar experience before?

Are you using LoadCharacter()? I’ve encountered lag spikes and varying respawn times when using it.

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I believe I do have that somewhere in one of my scripts. Do you know an alternative to this?

Sorry for the delay. I haven’t found a work around for the lag. Sometimes its bad, sometimes its fine. The respawn time, I believe, is partially due to the lag, but also due to fetching character appearance.

I’m not sure, don’t quote me on anything.

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This is a really weird answer but…

Check the Explorer and see if you have an extra “Humanoid” instance just laying there. It would not be patented to anything besides Workspace.

My game use to have huge lag spikes when someone died or one of my guns was shot (I used RayCasting).

Lol this my not be the case tho

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I found some weird models inside some of my hats that I didn’t have before, which contain an extra humanoid, possibly could’ve been inserted by a plugin. I can gonna remove them now and see if that makes a difference.

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Okay. Yeah try that. That could also trigger lag

Make sure you remove the “Weld” script

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Dude if you insert untrusted plugins, your game is gonna have viruses eventually

Please take care with it and review your files to make sure the virus or anything isn’t hidden

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Is the weld script also the problem? I’ll try removing that as well

Yes. It is a virus. You should check through every script in your game and remove unfamiliar ones.

Search “script” in the Explorer Search and look through all scripts.

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