Game locations question

I am just curious, I am working on a game with a builder that will be a GTA kind of game, but I am not sure if having a school location would be ok (I guess it could be if there are no school NPCs?)

It depends on how much of GTA you will be replicating, if your game is more of an action type of game, I wouldn’t really think twice on adding a school if you know what I mean :slight_smile:, however if it’s a peaceful GTA with mostly driving, working, roleplaying etc. then a school should be just fine.

Are we able to have a little more information on what your game is about and your intended play style as saying your game is like GTA is a very broad. This will allow us to give you a more in depth answer and link it specifically to your game.

If having a school improves the look and gameplay aspects of the game I would add it. If having one doesn’t add much to the game then I wouldn’t add one as it would just feel out of place.

I totally agree with what @wevetments said as if the game is an action type game then the school would look out of place. Then if the game is more peaceful having a school won’t look out of place.


Well I’m gonna be adding in weapons like guns and knives, and there’s will be a lively city with npcs that will react to various things such as gun shots and the player doing things (some reactions will result in them running to a safety while reporting your crimes to the police)

Thank you for replying with more information. After reading this I think having a school will be a little out of place as schools are for more peaceful/role play games. However if you still want to add a school, I would make it more of a place that you just look around rather than a place where you interact with people.

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Alright, good to know they aren’t completely made forbidden in this kind of a game

I think a school might look out of place within a game like this, and the last thing you want is for people to immaturely RP within that section of the map. I say this mainly because of previous real life events that you’re definitely aware of that I won’t mention here. As a game creator, I would not want people doing that within my servers.

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Unless people go out of their way to find it on a map of our game’s planned scale then I highly doubt there will be immature roleplay in it, And besides there is always a report button for a reason (and with a game of this scale we’ll have moderators in game)

Yeah, but I play GTA… ALOT… Theres no reason to make mods stare at the school building waiting for a opressor mk II to come and do “whatever its about to do”. I wouldnt put a school whosoever as it is way to controversial and if GTA did it they would replace it almost instantly.