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Currently I am part of a team making an amazing and new never seen before Story game. Nothing is decided yet and we need some name suggestions for our Story game. It will have a plot twist in between with Horror, but the name should not give out that its gonna have a twist and be Horror related. We need an name that is eye catching, exciting, and thrilling an name that once you read it you want to play it. We want an name that is

1)Not taken

  1. The name should only be one or two words

Please leave some suggestions.

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It’s kind of hard to have any names that mean anything if we don’t know the plot or anything. Roses is called Roses because you pick up roses on the map, Piggy is called Piggy because the characters are pigs, Flicker is called Flicker because the lights flicker on and off, etc. If all we know about it is it’ll be horror but can’t pick any horror related names, it means we just give you random words.

  • Yellow
  • Hands
  • Intuitive
  • Lost

Yeah - I dunno.

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Mellowsun Cruises?!?!? (though that sounds like a name for a cruise ship group, I haven’t seen a horror game on a cruise ship)

Yeah, like what @WhiteCamera said, it’s hard to come up with a name if you don’t have the full concept down.

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Hey, someone made a post really similar to this, you can check out what I replied and use it as feedback towards this post too.

You can find that post here.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

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