Game Number Preferences

I was slightly unsure which category to post this kind of idea in, but I presumed this would be a good place, if there is anywhere else more suitable please let me know.

I am currently collecting data to decide which project I should take on next and I wanted to ask the development community about their ideas on how many people they would prefer to play with in a game, for example, playing a single player tycoon or 2 player, or playing games on your own, or with a friend but in a co-operative way.

Please let me know with your opinion below.
Would you rather play a co-operative game as a single player, with another player, or with 2 other players?

  • Single Player (on your own)
  • 2 Players (with 1 friend)
  • 3 Players (with 2 friends)

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Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.


I feel like it should be optional how many players you want to play with, by creating separate game modes. Some people don’t play Roblox games with their friends, and sometimes playing with 2 random people gets kinda annoying.

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Exactly, I agree with mistrustfully, players should be able to choose how many others players will be playing with them. You should also make a party system because some players don’t want to play with random players as stated by mist.

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Roblox is meant to be played with friends, it’s not fun without having your friends with you, I personally don’t like playing any solo game because they are completely boring to me, the preferences however can vary because some people like to play solo games as they find them fun (fallout for example).

It just varies.

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Generally most players like to play with others, as it can encourage teamwork or competitiveness and therefore lead to a more enjoyable experience. The success of so many story and role-playing games directly comes from the interaction between players, and many of these types of games appear to be doing quite well. Usually players are willing to play for longer if they enjoy the company of others whilst playing.

Some games like to give the player an option to play “solo” if they would prefer to play on their own, but this would obviously depend on the type of game that is being made.

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I personally don’t have a problem with teamwork per se, but there are times when the team-mates I’m assigned end up making me do all the work, which is never fun.

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I’d look more at the concept of the game you’re trying to achieve rather than the number of players. Different player amounts are acceptable for different types of games. Without knowing the type of game you’re looking for, you become bent on trying to base something around that one number. The number’s appropriateness can also change when you develop the concept itself.

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