Game of Thrones Coming Soon Log #1

Hello to members of our Game of Thrones community. Here is a currently active to-do list and to-do list later for the Developers of our genre.

Current To-Do List

[1] Add Gamepass swords -
1. Must be scripted and function the same way the other regular mesh swords function.
2. They should not take up inventory space.
3. Players should not be able to drop them from their inventory.
4. If player purchases a gamepass sword from the game page “Store” Tab, it should be in their inventory when they join the game.

[2] Make doors teleportable -,
1. Should function like any other King’s Landing, for every door when you go up to it, it will say Click to Enter.

[3] Make a Name Tag Custom Color Gamepass
1. Self explanatory

[4] Fix the Sound Button -,
1. Problem: When you join the game, the old sound icon is there (for me, at least).
2. Problem: The Mute/Not Muted Buttons are inverted, meaning when the button is muted, music is playing, & when button is unmuted, music isn’t playing (for me, at least).

Later To-Do List

[1] Create more gamepasses
1. Monetize the game.
2. Make more group revenue.

[2] Implement the Roman Deployable Structures
1. Have a Deployable Crafting Table, should be crafted from regular crafting bench.
2. Deployable Crafting Table is deployed wherever player places it.
3. Player walks up to Deployables Crafting Table, GUI of Deployable Structures pop up such as: Fortified Wall, Fortified Corner Wall, Fortified Tower, other Fortified Structures.
4. Also, add in to the GUI of Deployable Structures: Deployable Ballista, Deployable Mangonel/Trebuchet, other Deployable Siege Weapons.
5. Will obviously need to script Deployable Siege Weapons.

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