Game + Other development Information!


Hello there! I am Axtro_rblx, also known as Mugibat in certain circles.

This is a Bulletin Board that will be useful in noting my projects and highlighting development links that could be helpful to my group community, and roblox friends. New additions will be put here.
(Cough I think this is the correct Category… Cough Cough)

Listed below are Model links:

Push Part to Door Script:

The below link leads to a model on roblox, including a script that will detect when a specific part touches a sensor, to ‘open’ a door. The script can also be manipulated to detect other named parts, so hopefully this is a fairly useful model.
Door System Link - Roblox

Click Counter and Billboard display:

This link will lead to a Roblox model that features a Billboard display for the ammount of times a part is clicked in the server. It will display clicks for all players. Please enjoy! :slight_smile:
Click Counter Link - Roblox

Listed below are Place links:

Paper and Stone (group game):

Paper and Stone - Roblox
This is an investigation based place, where you can essentially just explore a build I’ve done in my spare time. It’s a ‘myth’ inspired game.

tfiG 'snaS:

tfiG 'snaS - Roblox
This place was made as a gift towards an old friend. There’s a very small puzzle and some interactable parts in this build.


Ustrad - Roblox
My first time-invested place. Build solely to entertain a group of friends, and holds some secrets here and there.


Yugen - Roblox
I just wanted to test out a CCTV model, and ended up building a mini-game.

SNAILS (group game):

SNAILS - Roblox
Literally just made because I saw a snail. Simple as that. Took a snail model from the toolkit and rigged it into a starter character. Then promptly decided to build a game around that snail, involving puzzles.