Game Pass Prompt

One question; how do you prompt a game pass?

I tried everything from PromptProductPurcase to PromptGamePassPurcase! None work.

The first way is outdated the second prints the errror.

failed because HTTP 0 (HTTP 400 (HTTP/1.1 400 BadRequest)) Make sure a valid ID was specified

Which seems to be in some foreign or alien language. I must of triple checked the id at least 15 times. I have IAP or whatever it is Enabled. I just want to prompt. And I have filtering Enabled
I used the first way but it doesn’t purchase it even if I press buy.

Mabye you have to do it from server or client only?

First post BTW so sorry for the bad grammar.

MarketplaceService:PromptPurchase(player, id)

assetId"2627191" is of type Game Pass. please use :PlayerHasPass instead.

Is what comes up in output.

And it doesn’t get me the pass.

That function I provided is exactly what I used in a project I was involved in.

The warning is something completely unrelated to your code, it’s a bug the function has.

Not sure why it’s not working for you. Are you calling it from the server or client?

I guess it’s a bug. I never use PlayerOwnsAsset.

:PlayerHasPass() is generally used in an if statement to check if a user owns a specific gamepass, it returns a true/false bool value regarding ownership – the code which @Kampfkarren provided should work perfectly fine.

It would be very helpful if you would be willing to share a small portion of your code (especially the section from where you want to use :PromptPurchase() to where the error occurs).

I believe it is just something PromptPurchase inherently does, no clue why.

To @Mangson_TM, please answer the question. Are you using it on the server or the client? I believe it has to be run on the client.

I tried both. Currently using server though

After trying to debug my line of code is literally in a server script and says only


That’s it

Use :PromptPurchase() instead of :PromptGamePassPurchase() and see if that fixes it.

I just tested this line of code and it works fine:


Also, @Kampfkarren, you don’t have to call MarketplaceService from the client usually – works fine from the server.

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That’s what the check mark does. I still getting my barrings sorry if this post was unnecessary I am new. Thanks I’ll try that. I only spent about 5 hours on it.

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It was a spelling error. :kissing::notes:

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