Game passes on my meeting center won't work

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So I’m on phone right now but i have doors that will let you pass or buy the game passes if you don’t have it, it will prompt you with a buy option, but the game passes IDs don’t work and also how can I make it so people who don’t have the pass can’t be tped like if people don’t have premium pass they can’t ever the area(pls pm me as well if you can script the booth in here if you do play this cause I also need help doing in advanced cook things,) but I can’t see door code right now so (pretty sure I took a freemodel gamepass door and made mine and used the script in mine.

The issue is most likely you are using something other than MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync() and MarketplaceService:PromptGamePassPurchase(). However I do not know the exact issue and therefore will not assume that that is the issue. Why can’t you get on a computer? We do not know your exact issue and we cannot help you.

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There was a change recently, you now have to prompt like this:


**GamePassService:PromptGamePassPurchase(Player, IdofGP])**


Read more here^

Thx will test in morning,

I see that Roblox promotion code at the end of your link.

There is not enough information on this thread for anyone to help you. When you are posting a thread, please ensure that you are being as detailed as possible with your problem so that we are able to help you. We can only work based off of assumptions if you do not provide us information. This includes:

  • A snippet of the code you are currently dealing with
  • A screenshot of your console to which may direct us to where you’re experiencing the issue
  • Any prior attempts you’ve made to try fixing this problem yourself before posting a thread

Scripting Support is also not a place to ask for code, you should always try to make an attempt to complete something yourself or read around before asking. If you are interested in looking for someone to create assets or places for you, please go to the (Public) Collaboration category.

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I specifically I am in bed and can’t get the code so yes I know but at least no bluntly say what I said pls read correctly

There’s no real rush then. You should wait until you have access to a proper device to post your query. It is more helpful to yourself and others if you create your question with the necessary information rather than posting it and leaving the essential information for later.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say that I’ve not read your post. Is there something I skimmed over? I’m quite sure I created a response based on the content of the OP and how I could personally gauge the issue.


Kindly post your code ASAP, only then will we be able to help you effectively.

It’s 4:28 am and in bed will in a 2 hours

Please only post a support request when you have the full information available and ready to post. If you’re on your phone and can’t, tough luck, then you shouldn’t be posting your thread right now. Simple as that.

Feel free to repost once you can comply to the format for Scripting Support.

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