Game passes work on test published experience but not my live one

I’m trying to activate game passes for a live experience with no luck. I already integrated and tested the game passes on a published test experience and they work fine. Users in the experience can touch a power up model and then the game pass purchase prompts successfully.

However, when I push the update to my live game (which has around 150 CCUs), the game pass prompts do not come up. I’ve searched the forum for hours trying to find a solution. I’ve made sure I’m testing on the updated version and all passes are set to be on sale and I’ve even allowed third party sales.

Nothing seems to work. I just can’t wrap my head around why the game passes work on the published test experience but do not on my live experience. I did also notice that the game passes appear on the front page of my test experience on mobile but on the live game experience page (also in mobile) they are hidden inside a “Gear and Passes” menu link instead which has to be tapped to view them. I’ve tested with different accounts and still no luck and I’m all out of ideas.