Game Penalty Suggestions

Explanation of the game (The game name is called “Laser Tanks Eternal” for context), so you understand the topic:

The game is about having a tank that can attack NPC tanks to get KOs (Knockouts) and use KOs to upgrade the tank for more KOs. Players can also be attacked for KOs. If a player’s tank gets defeated by another player or an NPC, they get WOs (Wipeouts). Only players can get WOs. Player and NPC tanks do not have a defeat penalty like dying.

A player has ten tanks to upgrade to. If they upgraded to the last tank, they can upgrade to another category where there’s another ten tanks. (The game currently has two categories, but it is planned to have more categories). Every time they upgrade to next category, they can only fight tanks equal or stronger than the category. Not only this limit is on attacking npcs, but also players. This is because I didn’t want to handle large numbers in KOs or WOs, like Tank V.20 could get 20 septillion KOs from attacking Tank V.1

The game doesn’t have a penalty for WOs yet. Any suggestions/ideas for penalization with WOs? I could take some time to brainstorm, but I usually don’t get a lot of ideas.

  • A cooldown between spawning again
  • Lose X knockouts
  • Go back an upgrade

Late reply. You don’t have the game I have, so you can’t absolutely be sure if they are good. They are great, but from my side, they don’t fit with the game.