Game Ready Plugin

Yo, my fello Robloxians!

I’ve created this plugin: and I’d like to hear some feedback on it, what could be improved, etc.

The plugin currently creates this as template:
let me know if you’d more stuff to be included, like a spawnpad, building blocks or more scripts!

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Looks pretty good.
Is the plugin supposed to like make script templates?

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Yes, this plugin puts the start scripts/modulescripts/localscripts to start the development

Like this:
it fills content in the scripts as well

Would you like to have build templates too?

What do u mean by build templates?

Like, all the types of parts with a folder to each dedicated location

if you’re refraining to meshes then I dont really need any, but im confused a bit

all those module scripts are templates as well?

No? If you look at the picture on the tweet i linked, you can see what is in it so far :slight_smile:

Just wondering, what stuff would go in PlayerData exactly? Just need an example.

well then, imma save it for later and try to make a script with one of the templates.

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You could use it for like cash and levels and xp etc

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For leaderstats, generally you use the actual player but I could see me switching to a framework that does use a seperate folder for stats.

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I find ServerStorage way more secure than the player, just my personal way. :slight_smile:

The leaderstats folder is supposed to be a direct child of the Player Instance in order to function properly.

You create the REAL stats within’ the PlayerHandler and use “fake stats” in the leaderstats and when the real stats meet a value change you just set the actual value.

Like this:

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Pretty cool, Leppux.
Looks really good.