Game release is soon, need critique for the game and advertisements

As you’ve already read by the title, I want to know if my advertisements are effective and how much I should spend on ads.

So a bit of information, I got around 33,000 Robux for advertising right now, and on Friday through Sunday, I was thinking of bidding 11,000 Robux a day. I’m not sure if this is the most effective thing.


Here’s the game link for anybody wondering:

So my questions are:

  • Do you think that my game (judging by the ads and budget) can get a good player count?
  • Do you think the advertisements can get a lot of clicks?
  • Do you have any critiques for the game?

Thank you, and have a good day.

You should change the song for the thumbnail video. I do like Levels, but you might run into copyright issues

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Mmm, I think the game needs a little more style and a higher variety of vibrant colours. That’s all from me I hope it helps (This is less for adds and more for in game and thumbnails)

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Edit: delayed the advertising to next week.