Game reward rules

I have been reading: Randomized Virtual Items Policy | Roblox Creator Documentation and I understand I must disclose reward percentages but I am not sure if I must give a prize everytime a player unboxes a create for example or can I make so if a player recieves an Item they already own they earn money instead?

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It simply means:
For robux: 10% - rare, 90% - common
Tokens bought with robux: (same thing)

You must put the percentage of getting something for robux or if it’s for game currency bought with robux.

But can I do 50% - item 50% no item. or must they get an item every time?

As long as you tell them that before.

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I would personally go for 50% item chance and 50% money chance (instead of nothing), as people might become kind of mad when they do not get anything. And informing them about the chances of getting an item/money before their purchase is important.