Game Rules and F.A.Q. V1


The following rules apply for the the game Lundene, by CheetahSp33d.

Rules for all Players

  1. Absolutely no swearing or trolling.
  2. No random killing is allowed.
  3. Always respect the moderators and admins. Any Admin Abuse or unfair punishments can be reported on our Discord Server.
  4. Talk of exploits, scams, etc is not tolerated and will be a ban on sight.
  5. No advertising outside of the Sword and Sorrow Community.
  6. Blackmail or bullying of any kind is not accepted and will be a ban on sight.

Having Trouble Joining?
The minimum age requirement for an account to join the game is 30 days. Anything less than that can not fully spawn in the game.

Banned Groups?
There are a few banned groups that will prevent you from joining the game.

Banned groups

The current banned groups are:


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