Game Servers Crashing "Randomly"

I am trying to figure out how to make my servers more stable. Servers are seemingly crashing at random. Sometimes when I have 120 player servers and other times when it is just more like 50.

I have checked server memory and it doesn’t ever go beyond 3000. The server doesn’t ever have severe lag issues before the crash either. Also my game used to not have this problem at all.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can solve this problem? Or is this just a problem with Roblox servers in-general?


Not too sure if this would be caused by roblox servers. Especially if it’s out of the ordinary if your game doesn’t lag like that.

I suggest…
• Asking one of the players playing your game to see if it’s lagging on their side.
• Check your computer if it’s not running good.
• Maybe try to test if a recent update you released to your game caused this lag.

If you have any questions, be sure to reply.

If those steps don’t work, try looking at this: Roblox Developer Hub: Optimization

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Game doesn’t lag.
Server memory is low.
Have tested game in large servers on low end machines without performance issues.

Game can be running fine for majority of players and then suddenly server crashes for everyone.

hey did you eventually resolve this issue? if so then how did you get their? Im currently experiencing crashes as well. although, i dont think its a roblox thing and i think its more of my poor usage of code

Never resolved the issue. Issue on my end makes no sense because everything works correctly and smoothly and then suddenly the server crashes and kicks everyone. Edit: And it only happens rarely and in very large servers.

Do you use LoadCharacter? took that out my game and i experienced no crashes after that. Especially if u have a custom character

LoadCharacter is necessary for my game. What about it would you say causes crashes?

no clue actually. been doing some research and all i can gather is that it doesnt delete the scripts correctly.

it sucks because i would consider it necessary for my game as well, but at least im not crashing anymore…

i too am using load character, have you found any way to still use loadcharacter?

Currently i am using load character in this new game of mine and so far no issues.

so far, i just stopped any chance at load character being spammed and i haven’t had a crash yet.