Game settings ideas? Looking for visual and performance options


First off, apologies if this isn’t the right section, however I felt it was the most fitting.

I am currently working on my game’s settings panel, and I am looking for some in-game settings ideas.

I currently have the following settings:

  • Global UI Font
  • UI Primary Colour
  • UI secondary Colour
  • GlobalShadows

Planning on adding:

  • Music volume
  • Hide/transparent players

What are some other ideas?

Music volume is one I can think of. What’s your game type?

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Gonna do an obby-styled game, but want to take a unique approach in terms of style by including pets, crates, inventories, etc…

Music volume is a good idea! Probably would add that to the music player though, I’ll add that to the list.

If it’s an Obby, do a player hide option for sure.

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Hello, I’ve been making Game settings UI Panel for my games for some time now here are some you might like to add;

Global Shadows,
Water Reflections,
Ambient Colors,
Terrain Decoration,
Mesh and Union Detail,
Texture Detail,
Game Control Mapping,
Panel Theme/Color & Developer Options.

There are others, but they are complicated.

If these sound great, be sure to say it dose :smiley:
Best of luck to your game.


Try also making the players so they cannot collide with each other, this will prevent people from ruining other player’s experience by bumping them and pushing them off. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Control mapping would be cool, but there isn’t much control aside from the default. Others look good.