Game Shouts / Versions + better feed

I was thinking that we should have a better way to say what version our game is and make shouts about the game to players that like it. It could work like this, I made some pics:

On the place page, the place owner could see a “make shout” option like on groups, which would filter into the games section of player’s feed. Only players that have favourited the place should see the shouts. They could be used for upcoming update shouts, shouts to warn about hackers/glitches and other things.

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If this happens, making an api (like :GetGameVersion() and :GetGameChangelog()) to retrieve the place’s current version would be crucial, since then we can say whether the game server is old/outdated!

don’t die thread!

I like it. I really want versioning visible. And I really want a change-log. I really want what you want.