Game Specific Percentage Payouts In Groups

Disclaimer: This is an issue that has been suggested before, and this is not a repeat of those. This is UI design mock up for the group admin page team to illustrate specifically how such a feature could be implemented

Unfortunately I only have the old version of the group admins tab to work off of, but since the admin page updates won’t change the payouts section layout, this should still apply.

I propose adding in a very simple extra bit of UI to the Recurring Payout section, allowing players to select if a user should be paid of from a specific game, or the entire group, and if from a specific game, then selecting which game or games they get a set % from. The “Entire Group” setting would simply put that user into the payout of every single game in the group, at whatever the set % rate is for them.

I designed this keeping in mind the limited UI resources available to the admin page team, so only existing UI was used. The “Add Game” plus sign is from the “Add Pass” UI on each games page, and the scroll bar is from the group info section of the group admin page.

Downside: This layout is simplistic and would only allow players to set a single % rate for each user, not set it per game. This would be easily fixable, but it might be to complex for what Roblox prefers, and I’d rather have this feature out sooner, rather then have it bogged down making it perfect.

Ideally, the distribution should be set per game, with users then being added onto that games payouts, not per player with games listed for each player. However, this is not how the games page currently works, and we’d much rather have this feature out sooner then later over having it perfect.

Alternatively this could also be set inside the game itself in the configure game setting, however this pitch is designed for the group admin team, so that is not explored.

Thank you for your time!


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