game.StarterGui:SetCore("ChatWindowSize") Uses percentage-based sizes even when specified with offset values


I have the following LocalScript in StarterGui:

game.StarterGui:SetCore("ChatWindowSize",, 300, 0, 200))
game.StarterGui:SetCore("ChatWindowPosition",, 0, 1, -250))

However, even though I’m using Offset values of UDim and not the Scale values, the size still seems to scale with the screen size when I shrink my window size. The position seems to remain at a constant pixel value though.

This image show the chat at full screen.

This next image shows the chat when I shrink the height of the window. The height of the chat window scales despite the fact that I did not set a scale value for the size. The position does not scale though, and as a result, the chat looks very awkward and floats above the bottom of the screen.