Game suddenly stopped getting players after an eplosive release

Hello to everybody reading this!

About 5 days ago my (small) team released a game called Obby Around The World. It’s an obby with themes that represent the different “climates” in the world, spread over the stages.
When we released the game it got to more than 100 concurrent players only one hour after release! And the next days we continued to get about 1000 new plays every day and an average of 40 active players.

But since the day before yesterday all of a sudden it stopped growing and the game doesn’t seem to get over 10 active players anymore. I find this kind of strange since we’ve already brought out a lot of updates in the 5 days since release, and the game has 130 favourites and a 83% like ratio.

I did my research before releasing the game and before posting this topic, and the most important thing for a (roblox) is that it has to be fun. It doesn’t matter too much if you have amazing builds or complex scripts.
And for our game we really tried to make it an amazing game, it has clean GUI’s, simplistic builds, 125 stages already, cute pets, a tutorial that is not just a block of text in a GUI, a nice thumbnail, a clear description, …
And as good as all feedback we got on the game was positive and that it is “so much fun”. So why isn’t it growing?

That’s why I’m asking for real honest feedback from other developers, who maybe experienced the same and overcame these obstacles (not the ones in the obby :tongue: ).
Feedback about what could be improved, what could be added, what should get removed and what is already good. Things that could get the game more players, keep those players, improve the social aspect and anything else.

This is the link for the game:
I would be so thankful if some people could play it and give me honest and rough feedback.

Thank you!

(ps this is my first post on the DevForum so I hope I did everything right…)

It may be because the players finished the game. I didn’t play the game by myself, but I will.


Yeah of course, some players will have finished the whole obby, but there should also be new players right? And they didn’t finish it yet.
At the end of the obby there is also a portal so that you can restart the whole obby. So I’d expect people to do that, and it was also like that, a lot of people completed the obby multiple times.

Then I do not really know. Also I played your game a bit and I discovered that the theme isn’t actually climates around the world, I understood that is an obby with nature places. For example, a volcano is not a climate state

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The most known decline I have experienced after I designed a framework and a game, the problem steemed from the issues the framework was experiencing: i.e. critical bugs that completely stopped the gameplay loop.

Try diagnosing what stops the player in their path or what is “too stretched” in gameplay.

Oh, I’m sorry in my language “climate” means kind of something else than in English.
I meant things like a jungle or a cave or a mountain.
Do you maybe know how should I describe those different themes then?

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I would say that you are in an adventure, yes, around the globe, seeing many different types of places, from cold to hot, etc…

Probably geographic region or something clunky like that. Climate is more like weather in English, but it doesn’t really matter. I understood your post just fine.

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