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Any ideas to make the game better quality? (14) Fox Simulator! (UPDATE) - Roblox

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Here are some suggestions to make your game better:

  • Add an animation to the fox that the player is. When I spawn in, my character (which is a fox) just slides to the ground. There’s no running/walking animation which is very unrealistic and it makes the quality very low.
  • Increase speed of the character. When you spawn in, the player walks so slow and there’s no run button, which is very tedius to walk, and was the major reason why I didn’t check the other parts of the game out.
  • The fox that the player plays as just “hovers” above the ground. The feet actually don’t touch the ground.
  • The map is very plain. Try adding like details such as vegetation?

Those four are the major “problems” I encounter with this game, and if you fix it, then I bet the game will be much better. I feel like those stuff that I mentioned are what players will first see, and because of that, it will justify whether they will continue to play the game.

Other then those four things that I mentioned, it’s a good concept and it has a lot of potential! Usually I don’t like simulator games since (most, not all) are kinda “uncreative”, but this simulator definitely stands out (in a good way of course!) and is pretty original. The originality is there, and this game has a lot of potential!

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Thank you so much for the help! I’ll def keep all these recommendations in mind! :smiley:

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