Game teleport trouble

i created a teleport pad that teleports to another game but i made that game private but when i tried to get teleported it says tried to teleport to a restricted area so how do i make it like you NEED to use the teleport pad to join that game so you can’t just join your friend you need to go on the pad and when you do try to join your friend it links back to the game where the game teleport pad is thanks

I think what your looking for are places. Places are kinda like different game/baseplate that if your friend tries to join you in it it will automatically teleport you to the main place

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you need to add places to your game

How do i add a place? Sorry im confused because i already tried that and it said image

Go to view tab in roblox studios click where it says game explorer then click places right click and add new place

Yay i did it thanks so much!!!

No problem glad I can help!


But i made an entire game and sadly it’s a starter place how to i transfer that game to the not starter place one?

Well you can copy-paste everything from your other game to the place unfortunately I do not know any other way

Oh ok i will do that thanks for everything

Also how do i get the id of the non-starter place???

Go back to where it says places right click on the place and click the copy id option

thank you for real this time!!!

If you don’t mind telling me how you got that like tag under your name that says programmer (here on the DevForum)

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