Game teleports you into "Loading..."?

I’ve seen this and experienced this with my friends game but to a different place, I was teleported to a game called Data by RobloxDataService.

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I had this problem before. What I found was a hidden script called: “__Roblox”. I looked inside the script and it had code to teleport me to RobloxFasterLoader’s game and back to mines. When I deleted this script, the game stopped teleporting.

I do not know if the script is the same name as mines was, but it may be worth a try.

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I have definitely experienced this before. There is a similar place to this. I got teleported to this place:

The description says it loads games faster, but I doubt that.

Edit: Looked at the guy’s profile. Seems to be impersonating Builderman.

Here are some things that can help you find the virus:

  • Pressing Shift+Ctrl+F will open “Search in all scripts” window. Try searching for “pcall”, “require” and “Teleport”
  • Running the game in studio will cause TeleportService to go down and malicious script will throw an error. This doesn’t help if the teleport function is pcall’ed
  • Uninstall all of your plugins one-by-one and check if you still get teleported. If the game stops teleporting after some plugin was removed, report that plugin and do not install it
  • Reinstall your studio completely, if nothing above helped you

Someone in my team also somehow inserted this backdoor into my game; I’ll dump their obfuscated script to find out what group/discord webhook they use, and if they do use one ill fry it.

i was memeing the backdoor, checking what i could do and ended up breaking it.
Script that I ran (after running said backdoor):


game ended up erroring with “too many teleport requests”

Update 2:
They’re logging through the server, so i cant find out what their webhook is.
They have like 30 server scripts directly in workspace, and a local script right in starter gui, though.



The tp is a roblox virus called handler, it is located in serverscriptservice.
I dont know how to delete it, it clone when you update the game or close studio

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Here is a beautiful reply that @pewpie12302die has given. Try following those steps.

Edit: Wanted to add getfenv() to the search list.

This does this to almost every single one of my games. I do not know how to fix this.

I have this same issue, many people have also had the same issue, they all say they reported the account but ROBLOX does not seem to do anything. I wasn’t able to remove it, and I followed all the steps. I messaged the user on Discord and he said I had to pay 500 robux for me to add him to the game and he’d remove it. I am not adding him to my game where he can possibly leak it.

Can you contact me through discord? ( Ace#5921 ) The guy seems a little suspicious and I can try to investigate what is causing this issue.


I just started experiencing this issue right after I downloaded a plugin to try working on custom terrain. After doing minor digging, I found that the plugin was definitely suspicious, created by user RobloxTopPlugins. The plugin itself is linked here:

In my case, I was teleported to place Loading… by user RobloxFasterLoader. The script was easy to find and erase, as it was just named Script and found in my ServerScriptService. For others who received the script from another plugin/free model, there are other replies in this thread that may help.


I found a way to stop this weird teleporting glitch from happening. In the Camera I found a script saying “ClientReplicator”. I found out it used the TeleportService so I tried deleting it. But when I tested a game it still happened. So I went back and discovered it created clones of the script. I tried everything but I found out the only way of preventing teleporting is deleting of whats inside the script. The problem is that I don’t know how to stop it permanently. What do I mean by that? Its that I have to always have to delete a copy of the script and keep the empty script whenever I edit the game again. Things I also discovered is that free models, decals, plugins are not the reason this script appears. It is always part of the default roblox games they give you to edit.

So thats my story with this teleportation thing. People might have different ways they did this.


I’ve created a tutorial thread to help with problems like this. Even though it’s lengthy, I suggest following it all to clean up everything.

Here are answers to some common problems I’ve noticed on this thread:

  • Q: This is happening in every one of my games, or it keeps coming back, how do I get rid of it?
    A: This is likely due to a bad plugin, make sure to verify their legitimacy (learn how in the thread above)

  • Q: I can’t find anything suspicious in my game, why is this still happening?
    A: It’s probably hidden somewhere that you can’t see by default, find out how to locate it in the linked thread.

  • Q: Someone said all plugins by some_user are bad, if I just remove everything created by them should I be clear?
    A: No, people create these accounts daily and it’s impossible to keep up with who is and isn’t a malicious creator. Instead, individually check your plugins for infectious content and report those that are.

  • Q: This script looks like gibberish, what’s wrong with it?
    A: It’s likely been obfuscated (made unreadable by some program) so it’s contents would be harder to understand. It’s not easy to tell whether or not it’s safe, so unless you can deobfuscate it to verify it’s safety, you should probably remove it.

If you have any other questions, you can dm me or post on either one of these topics, and someone should be able to assist.

This “Loading” game IS A BACKDOOR, and is found in many, many freemodels. I HIGHLY suggest making your own scripts rather than using freemodels.

I looked through ServerScriptService and all my scripts were typed by me. There was nothing named “Script” and everything was normal…?

Did you try everything from the thread?

To everyone here - please reinstall all your plugins and only use the ones you really trust.
Everyone in my team deleted the plugins they didn’t use, and it fixed the backdoor issue.

If you still get the virus, try deleting all your plugins temporarily, and check if the virus is still there.
That way you can at least make sure whether it’s your plugins or not.


I also had this plugin and the same thing happened to me.

Well, this happened to a friend. He couldn’t figure it out either. He asked me to help him and gave me permission to edit his game. I think this causes the problem:
I took a look inside the script, and it looks like this,

Now, The thing that caught my eye is this,
This looked like a game ID to me. And you bet i checked what game ID it was, It’s the “Roblox faster loader” game!
So basically follow @pewpie12302die’s steps or just delete that script every time.


The game is now Content Deleted, It may be gone for now.