GAME TRAILER (Feedback please )

Hi guys
YourCreator here (DerBusfahrer12)
I need Feedbacks to my game trailer (not finished)

  • It’s good :white_check_mark:
  • It’s bad :x:

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YourCreator (DerBusfahrer12)

Official Trailer :rocket::tada::sparkles:


The music really fits but the camera movement is bad and there is no text/text to speech, try to move a little better and slower with the camera and put in some text or text to speech to show people what you are showing in the video.


The music is somewhat simple but I would like the camera movement not to be very constant and for the pets to have some movement. The trailer has great potential if you do it from blender and find someone who can make you a trailer.


The camera movement needs working, and you should add some shading around the border of the video for cinematic affect, if you know how to do that. The cuts/dashes are a bit sudden, so I would try to fade into and out of each scene.

I do it in Studio but I think when some make it in Blender it’s better but I can’t this I’m to dumb

The video itself is decent, but it tells me nothing about the game. In game trailers, I expect to see examples of gameplay mechanics to help determine if I want to play, and the only thing I get from the video is that it might be a Roblox simulator. I understand I am being harsh, but the harsh truth is, players won’t be interested in your game if they have no idea what it’s like to play your game. A principle of user experience is to always assume your players/viewers are idiots that need to be told what to do (to some extent)

Here is a resource for making effective trailers:

I mean absolutely no offense to you or your work, but I think honest feedback can be useful. I hope you find this useful in some way, and good luck with game development!

End result

first off, the text. the text being edited on capcut is not a good choice. use something else. the entry of the text does not fit at all and it just… disappears? anyway, i don’t understand why you tilted the text because it just made it look worse. another thing about the text is the font. the font is just too weird for the position. also the stroke does not fit the game at all. you can also not use text at all, like the hexaria intro, it just uses camera movement to showcase the game, or the parodoxum games tower defense intros that don’t use games and unlike the hexaria intro, they use sounds to showcase. my point is, not using text is a viable option, but if you want to use text, at least make it look better then it does, as it comes off as lazy.
the camera movement could use some work and i liked how the screen turned white before revealing the clouds entering the scene. good choice!

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