game:GetService(name) cannot create a function

hi, I was working at my dog simulator, but I was wanting to create a Service named ‘DogService’, I see at u can use game:GetService(‘DogService’) but it always errors:

20:17:04.413 - ‘DogService’ is not a valid Service name

Are you sure it’s a valid Service name? Perhaps the Wiki hasn’t been updated in a while.

Did you mean functions? Because Services are made by roblox.

i don’t use Wiki, i use

game:GetService() is used to get existing Roblox game services. You cannot create them.

The DataModel is just your game’s hierarchy.

I mean Services, at it says u can create a custom Service if that Service doesn’t exists

to create a function you just have to declare it : function dog() --This is a function that i created right now end

If you are referring to this:

This means if the service hasn’t already been requested, it will be requested. It does not mean you can create your own.


When it says “create” it doesn’t mean create your own custom service, it means enable that sevice if you wanna interpret it that way. Some built-in services made by roblox exist but aren’t loaded in, it exists, but it’s not there by default, you have to create it.