game:GetService("Studio") is nil

I’ve never expirienced anything like this.

Anybody knows why this happens?

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iirc the command line is a lower execution level than plugin scripts


Use game:GetService("StudioService")

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I was using it in a plugin, which broke it.

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StudioService and Studio is not the same thing.

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Is it not?

StudioService provides access to configuration of Roblox Studio, allows importing files from the user’s file system, and other miscellaneous information. It is intended to be used by Plugins in order to provide a consistent user experience.

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Studio is very deprecated and doesn’t do anything at all anymore

StudioService should be used instead

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Doesn’t show up as deprecated on the official documentation

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Studio contains your roblox studio settings, studioservice doesnt

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That is correct.

Character limit lol

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Sorry, not very proficient in plugin development. Hope you find a solution.

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The last time I looked at it, it showed as deprecated.

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If you’re intending to access the user’s Studio information (such as theme, script editor colors, etc), then you need to use the settings global instead.


@HugeCoolboy2007 is correct.

How to get Studio’s current setting:


Also, the Studio Class isn’t deprecated. I looked at the API Dump. @AmoraFolf


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