Gamepass Icon moderated, but image is completely fine?

Hello developers,
I tried to upload my game-pass icon, it’s just my game Icon, but instead of the game name, it says: V.I.P rank.
It got moderated and I have no idea why, I am 100% sure this image is innocent and follows the TOS.
Should I contact the support for this? The last time my image was moderated, I contacted Roblox support and they said it’s inappropriate and they can’t say why.
I won’t upload the exact image here because it was moderated and I don’t want to get punished, but what am I supposed to do now?

It’s very similar to another image I uploaded and it was fine, here’s the other image:
That’s my game Icon:
The game-pass is very similar to this one.

Can anyone please tell me what’s possibly wrong or whether I should contact the support? Thanks.

If this is the wrong category or I shouldn’t post such a thing please tell me, and I will delete\move it, Thanks!

Please contact the Moderation Review Requests team about that.

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Okay, thanks.
Last time they couldn’t explain to me why, but I will.

Sometimes, you can just change a pixel or something invisible and try to reupload. The moderators will see the new image (because it is different) and normally, they will accept it.
Because sometimes, the moderators don’t accept images but it don’t breaks any rules…

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