Gamepasses Issues: Prompt keep failing

Hello, i am experiencing this problem from weeks now. Whenever i try to prompt a gamepass in-game it fails to prompt.


I tried even creating a new one but still, same problem and the ProductId is correct, i checked multiple times. Developer products works perfectly fine, i am wondering why gamepasses doesn’t, hope any of you could help me.

Can you show your code so we can help?

Yes, my bad.

function Module.PromptPurchase(Executor, Id)
	if Id and Id > 0 and not Module.CheckDebounce(Executor.Name) then
		Module.StartDebounce(Executor.Name, 1)
		if not Module.CheckId(Id) then Executor:Kick("Attempt of exploiting detected"); return end
		if not _G.ProductsActivated then Notification:FireClient(Executor, "The products are currently offline, try again later", 5); return end
		local Info
		local Success = pcall(function()
			Info = MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(Id, Enum.InfoType.GamePass)
		if not Success then
			Info = MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(Id, Enum.InfoType.Product)

		if Info or PurchasesFunctions[Id] then
			if Info.ProductType == "Game Pass" then
				MarketplaceService:PromptGamePassPurchase(Executor, Info.ProductId)
				MarketplaceService:PromptProductPurchase(Executor, Id)
			Notification:FireClient(Executor, "This product has not been implemented yet.", 5)

Print the Info.ProductId and see if it returns the correct gamepass ID.

Could you also send me your gamepass ID?

It print a different id from the one sent in the parameter, that’s why when i tried to prompt the sent id will be blocked because detected as “Third Party Sales”


That’s the gamepass link: Multi-Buy1 - Roblox

Ok so then, you don’t need to get the productId at all in your code. You just need to do PromptGamePassPurchase(Executor, Id)

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It shouldn’t be detected as third party if it’s part of your game’s store.

Just tried and it is detected as third party, might be because the game is owned by the group? But still the gamepass i created is owned by the same group


That’s the game link

Is it prompting a pass from the OG game?

No, it’s prompting it from the same game

How about just turning on 3rd party sales?

This is unusual, hmm, maybe try turning on Third Party Sales setting and then see if it prompts the correct gamepass?

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It does prompt the gamepass, i barely work with gamepasses but this is very weird, thanks you both anyway

Sorry for opening this thread again after a few days.

I’m also having the same issues and I understand the we can enable third-party sales.

What happens if groups don’t want to enable third-party sales for exploits or other reasons? Is this an essential thing to do?

If so, I think it should be changed.