So I removed one “Other Places” so I could instead put it as the “Set Place”. But doing so will shoot up the “Error Occurred” message. Am I suppose to wait a certain time in moving places or what? It also seems that removing places from “Other Places” doesn’t seem to remove it at all. It removes it from the list, but the actual place page still deems it part of the universe. When I try to set it as the “Set Place” or put it back into “Other Places”, it will also shoot up the Error Occurred.

How the heck do you even remove “Other Places”? I can’t find any option to do that.

Found in Develop > Games > (your universe name)

oops – my bad. I was talking about “Created Places”. AFAIK, I don’t think we can remove them q.q

unfortunately… :frowning:


Seems like there is a delay (as I suspected). After removing the place from it, it’s like a 20-minute delay when the place finally recognizes changes in the universe. Eh.