Garry's Mod: Roblox Edition - Patch Notes

📝 Update Log - Version 1.14, the "Harvest Heights Update"** 🛠️

:tools: FNAF Ragdolls Repaired: The issues with FNAF Ragdolls have been ironed out, ensuring they’re as entertaining as ever.

:wrench: GUI Hierarchy Optimization: We’ve fixed the GUI hierarchy. Mobile buttons now take precedence, making your touch interactions as smooth as they should be.

:map: Spawn System Overhaul: No more mishaps with spawning on broken maps. We’ve fixed it!

:military_medal: Badge System Rectification: The badge handling has been refined for better recognition of your achievements.

:scroll: Streamlining for the Future: We’ve removed certain elements, like the Thor Playable Character, to declutter the game environment. This is in preparation for an exciting, expansive update to playable characters coming in the future.

:books: Changelog Menu Update: In our pursuit of a streamlined interface, we’ve decided to remove the changelog menu again. We understand it may have its fans, but we believe this will lead to a cleaner and more focused gaming experience. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your engagement and feedback. The Harvest Heights Update brings not only fixes and improvements but also new features to enhance your gameplay experience. We’re thankful for our community, and we hope you enjoy these autumnal updates! :maple_leaf::tada::video_game:

📝 Update Log - Version 1.1.1, the "Critical Correction Hotfix"** 🛠️

:pencil: Update Log - Version 1.1.1, the “Critical Correction Hotfix” :tools:

:rotating_light: MAJOR Hotfix Alert! :rotating_light:

We sincerely apologize for the recent disruptions in gameplay. Our team has acted swiftly to rectify the issues, ensuring that you can dive back into the action seamlessly.

:sparkles: Essential Fixes :sparkles:

:beach: Sandbox Serverlist Resolved: We’ve fixed the errors in the Sandbox Serverlist, ensuring smoother navigation and game access.

:calendar: Update Log Date Correction: A small oversight led to an incorrect date on the update log. This has now been corrected. Our bad!

:globe_with_meridians: Map Loading Fix: Players can once again explore without hindrance! We’ve addressed and fixed the issues preventing maps from loading in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

:sparkles: Further Enhancements and Fixes :sparkles:

:mag: Serverlist Sorting Rectified: The serverlist sorting feature is now functioning as intended, allowing for more streamlined server browsing.

:loudspeaker: Comprehensive Serverlist Notifications: We’ve enhanced the serverlist with comprehensive notifications. Whether a server doesn’t show up or there are no servers available, you’ll now be promptly informed. No more guessing if it’s a bug or just a quiet server day!

:arrows_counterclockwise: Serverlist Refresh Button: The issue with the refresh button on the serverlist has been resolved, enabling you to get the most recent server listings effortlessly.

:busts_in_silhouette: Gamemode Playercount Visibility: We’ve fixed the total player count for each gamemode. Now you can see the active player base for each mode, giving you a clearer idea of the game’s bustling activity!

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Our goal is to provide you with a consistent and enjoyable Garry’s Mod: Roblox Edition experience. We’re back on track! :tada::video_game:

📝 Update Log - Version 1.1.0, the "Prophunt Paradigm Update" 🛠️

:sparkles: Major Additions and Overhauls :sparkles:

:video_game: ADDED THE PROPHUNT GAMEMODE: Dive into the classic hide-and-seek experience with the addition of the Prophunt gamemode! This major update is sure to revitalize and bring exciting moments to your gameplay.

:desktop_computer: Backend Mastery: We’ve overhauled the entire backend of Garry’s Mod: Roblox Edition for a seamless experience:

Rewrote Administration, Badge, and Character Handlers
Renewed the Client, Core Tools, Request Handler, and Server List Communicator
The result? A technical marvel with minimal errors.
:gun: S.A.G.E. - Social Advanced Gun Engine: Introducing the Sage Engine! We’ve reimagined the gun engine from the ground up, enhancing sway mechanics, footsteps, and audio. The crowbar? It now feels and sounds as it should.

:sparkles: Fixes, Features, and Enhancements :sparkles:

:keyboard: Keybind Manager Added: Customize with ease! With its intuitive UI, you can now set keybinds and quick-reset effortlessly.

:hammer_and_wrench: Settings Manager: Prep up for future settings with the new settings manager.

:earth_africa: Server Creation Overhaul: When creating a server, now you can preset certain server settings like infinite health, map rotation, and proplimit.

:video_game: Console & Mobile Enhancements: We’re leveling up the experience for all players! Console support has been added, and mobile gameplay has been enhanced.

:robot: Centralized AI Script: Say goodbye to slowdowns! With our new AI script, all AI are controlled efficiently, ensuring smooth gameplay.

:tickets: Gamepass Addition: Dive into the eerie with the new “Internet Horror Pack” gamepass.

:desktop_computer: Main Menu Revamp: Navigate with style! The Main Menu UI has been redesigned for a sleeker, cleaner look.

:robot: Tutorial Chatbot Returns: Sydney is back! Get guidance and tips from our beloved chatbot.

:mag: Server List Sorting: On the main menu server list, sort servers by player count or alphabetically for easier browsing.

:bar_chart: Accurate Player Count: Player counts now specify places like Garry’s Mod: Multiplayer and Prophunt, providing a clearer picture.

:globe_with_meridians: Server Name Expansion: We’ve expanded the server name generator! Look out for some Easter egg names.

:world_map: Over 10 New Maps Added: Dive into diverse environments with over 10 fresh maps added to the game. Explore, strategize, and enjoy new terrains!

:zap: Faster Server Retrieval: Getting into the action is now quicker than ever with improved server fetching speed.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Gamepass Price Revision: To support our continuous efforts in bringing you high-quality updates and features, we’ve adjusted the price of gamepasses. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to the game. :video_game:

:no_entry_sign: Private Servers Update: We’ve temporarily removed the ability to purchase and access private servers. Don’t worry, they will be making a return soon! We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance this feature for a better gameplay experience. Stay tuned! :video_game::arrows_counterclockwise:

:video_game: Prophunt on Console - An Apology: We genuinely apologize for the initial absence of Prophunt on console. Our team has been tirelessly working on this gamemode for months, and we felt it was important to release it without further delay. Rest assured, we’re devoted to ensuring all players can enjoy our newest additions soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding. :pray:t3:

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our creative and passionate community! The Prophunt Paradigm Update is packed with major overhauls, exciting features, and quality of life improvements to enhance your Garry’s Mod: Roblox Edition journey. Dive in and enjoy the next level of gaming! :tada:

✏️Update Log - Version 1.08.1, the "Meticulous Maintenance Update”🔨

:pencil: Update Log - Version 1.08.1, the “Meticulous Maintenance Update” :tools:

:sparkles: Fixes and Enhancements :sparkles:

:mobile_phone: Fixed Mobile Guns: Shoot with confidence! We’ve resolved the issue where mobile guns had a 50% chance of not firing properly. Now, your mobile shooting experience is smooth and reliable.

:no_entry_sign: Workshop Upload Restrictions: To ensure a better experience for everyone, we’ve implemented restrictions on uploading to the Community Workshop. As a result, the Community Workshop has been wiped clean, making way for a fresh start and improved content curation.

:bell: Fixed Notifications: Notifications will no longer linger unnecessarily. We’ve addressed the issue and made sure that notifications disappear properly, providing you with clear and timely information.

:mag_right: Server List Searchbar and UI Scaling: Finding your preferred server is easier than ever! We’ve added a searchbar to the server list, allowing you to quickly locate the server you desire. Additionally, we’ve implemented UI scaling for enhanced readability and accessibility.

:eye: Third-Person View for Mobile: Immerse yourself in a new perspective! We’ve added the ability for mobile players to switch to third-person view, expanding your gaming experience and providing a fresh take on gameplay.

:clipboard: Player List Info and Last Prop Deletion: Get all the important information at a glance! The player list info menu now displays your server name for easy reference. Additionally, mobile players now have the ability to delete their last placed prop, enabling efficient prop management.

:wrench: Workshop and Playable Character Fixes: We’ve addressed various bugs and issues related to the workshop, playable character animations (including Thor), and singleplayer badges. Enjoy a more stable and polished gameplay experience.

:desktop: Workshop Integration in Main Menu: We’ve seamlessly integrated the workshop into the main menu for easier access and navigation. Explore and discover an array of user-created content directly from the main menu.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our creative and passionate community! The Refined Restoration Update aims to fix various issues and enhance your gameplay experience. Get ready to enjoy a smoother and more refined Garry’s Mod: Roblox Edition adventure! :tada:

✏️Update Log - Version 1.08, the “Expansive Innovations Update”🚀

:pencil: Update Log - Version 1.08, the “Expansive Innovations Update” :rocket:

:sparkles: New Features and Improvements :sparkles:

:package: Revamped Dupe Workshop: We’ve given the Dupe Workshop a complete overhaul! Now, it’s one huge workshop, allowing you to explore and discover a vast collection of creative duplications. Unleash your imagination and share your incredible creations with the community.

:outbox_tray: Nextbot Upload to Workshop: You asked for it, and we delivered! Now, you can upload your Nextbots to the Community Workshop. Share your custom AI creations with the community, allowing other players to experience your unique and engaging NPCs.

:cyclone: New Addon Pack: Introducing the Portal Gun Addon Pack! Step into the world of interdimensional travel with this exciting addition. Equip the Portal Gun and venture through portals to reach new dimensions, solve puzzles, and embark on thrilling adventures.

:video_game: Playable Characters: Take control of your gaming experience! We’ve added playable characters, allowing you to choose from a diverse roster of avatars. Customize your appearance and showcase your individuality as you explore the world of Garry’s Mod: Roblox Edition.

:man_walking: Expanded NPC Variety: Prepare for a more vibrant and dynamic world! We’ve introduced a plethora of new NPCs, bringing more life and excitement to your gameplay. Interact with a diverse range of characters and encounter thrilling encounters in every corner.

:wrench: Enhanced Tool Collection: We’ve expanded our toolbox! Enjoy a wider selection of tools to aid you in your creative endeavors. Whether you’re building, modifying, or experimenting, our improved tool collection will empower you to bring your visions to life.

:microscope: SCP Addon Pack Expansion: Dive deeper into the mysterious world of SCPs! We’ve added an abundance of new content to the SCP Addon Pack, providing you with even more thrilling anomalies to encounter, contain, or even become. Uncover the secrets that lie within and experience the thrill of the unknown.

:map: Map Bug Fixes: We’ve addressed various map bugs to ensure a smoother and glitch-free experience. Explore diverse environments without the hindrance of unexpected issues, and get lost in captivating realms with peace of mind.

:calling: Revamped Mobile Flight: We’ve taken mobile flight to new heights! With this update, we’ve completely revamped the mobile flight experience, enhancing the controls and responsiveness for smoother and more enjoyable aerial adventures. Soar through the virtual skies with ease and navigate your way through the world of Garry’s Mod: Roblox Edition like never before.

:name_badge: Added New Badges: We’ve introduced a fresh batch of badges for you to earn and showcase your achievements! Unlock new badges as you explore the expanded world, interact with NPCs, and utilize the enhanced tools. Show off your progress and accomplishments to the Garry’s Mod: Roblox Edition community.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our creative and passionate community! We’re thrilled to introduce these expansive innovations to Garry’s Mod: Roblox Edition, and we can’t wait to see the incredible creations you bring to life. Get ready to unleash your imagination and embark on even more thrilling adventures! :tada:

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