GDPR Right to Easure - I need help, how to delete the data?

Hello everyone!
I got this message from ROBLOX, about having to delete all the data of the user (Didn´t take screenshot with the user ID for security) from my games for the GDPR…
I don´t know how to do this, i´m not skilled in scripting, and don´t know nothing about it. I just know how to build.

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In short, for your game that this user’s data is in you need to remove it. This is more than likely in a datastore. (Plus any other location)
There is GlobalDataStore/RemoveAsync|RemoveAsync() and you can learn more @

if not, you’ll need to research into how to remove that data.

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I think @Crazyman32 made a Plugin for editing data stores via a Plugin once, but I’m not sure what it was called…

If you can find and use that, it may ake this a little easier.

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