General cleaning of the badge awarded notification

As a Roblox developer, it’s too tedious to create your own badge awarding notification system, and as of now the current template of the notification is horrendous.

As Roblox continues to grow out of the stone age, the badge awarded notification should be modified to be new and improved.



First and foremost, all the notifications have the same badge icon. This means that players that are awarded many badges at once (like at the end of a round or a badge walk) have to read the small text so see what badge they got.

Replacing the golden star medal with the badge icon would be a great improvement. This means you can get tons of badges awarded at once and know which ones you got.

Next, the main text is excessive. “BullfrogBait won long username’s badge that also has a long title”

Players of the game already know their username, and they already (should) know the creator of the game. It can be shortened down to “You’ve been awarded the ‘Welcome to the Game!’ badge!”


If Roblox cleans the badge awarded notification, it’ll be another minor change that’ll easily and surely improve the quality of life of any game that utilizes badges.

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