Generic Simulator - Update Log

Testing version of game: Generic Simulator Testing Server - Roblox


  • Added badges
  • Added description
  • Tweaked maximum player size
  • Released under different place
  • Made it so walk speed and jump height are affected by player size


  • Added polished leaderboard for orbs
  • Added nice texture to the map


  • Fixed progression bug
  • Fixed math issue with progress bar
  • Added ragdoll on death
  • Added gradient on the progress bar
  • Fixed stats flickering for a little bit on player respawn


  • Fixed head scaling if bigger character
  • Added orb-crushing animation
  • Smoothened progress bar
  • Made it so that orb scales with player
  • Disabled player to player collisions
  • Revamped progression handling


  • Added Orb which player can click on to get Orbs (Currency)
  • Made Orbs (Tools) dynamic in the way that they are dependant on only one script.
  • Added pop-ups (numbers on the gui that indicate how much you got of something when you use an orb)
  • Added progress bar until the player is given the next orb
  • Added stats gui in the top right corner of the screen that shows Cash & Orbs
  • Made player grow a miniscule amount upon using an Orb
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