Georgie's Hotel Staff Rules and Guidelines

Staff Rules:

  1. Everybody without exception must go through the application/Training process. Middle and High Ranks(MR/HR) are not applicable. They are earned, never sold, traded or granted to friends.

  2. DO NOT keep on asking for promotions. MRs are earned based on work ethics, activity, and availability. HRs are based on need and they are a team decision.

  3. Only receptionist can give out rooms.

  4. Suites are given only to guests who are in the suite lines.

  5. To be active, staff needs to help at trainings about 1-2 times/week or attend shift about 5 times/week.

  6. LR and above MUST use grammar at all times.

Admin Rules:

  1. Please do not use M/SM for no reason. The M command is only used for hotel announcement and many more.
  2. Please do not TP a random player for no reason.
  3. Please do not TP an HR unless it is critical. If you need them, you can just PM them.
  4. If you are CAUGHT admin abusing, we will demote you and you cannot get your rank back.

How to get a promotion:

  1. You need to be active at Georgie’s Hotel.
  2. You need to be professional and use grammar every time you work at Georgie’s Hotel.
  3. You need to always hard work at Georgie’s Hotel.
  4. DO NOT ask for promotions. Instead, wait for an HR+ to notice you.

Have a nice day! :grinning: